Book Marketing: How to Build Online Influence to Sell More Books

Multi-city book tour is no-more. There was also a time when authors have to execute a great deal for their own marketing either through publisher or by self-publishing. But these days, it has become essential for any author or writer to market globally by using their laptop or computer and their precious time. This usually takes time and energy. It may also require some capital investment to appoint a marketing strategist who will counsel and help you. Social networking and digital publishing company engage in helping authors and leaders to extend their online impact and market their books. Now let’s discuss about how social media can sell books for an author or is it possible that online status of author can help in selling more books.

Here are some powerful strategies to assist authors are enlisted to sell more books:

  1. WEBSITE (Author’s Platform)

the most crucial and hotspot site through an author can connect online is their own websites. For this purpose, first focus on the quality of content that you are going to share with your audience rather than making twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Your own website is the building block for your influential strategy since it completely belongs to you and where you will fund your time, effort and money. And once people start coming to your website casually then convert those casual visitors into permission based email marketing list, which will start marketing for you that is more valuable. It’s not at all good investment to make Facebook fan page.


Social media channels are formed to find relationships. Through that relational connection, you make people to get interest in your content and make them visit again. Your content should truly connect with people. People need to click on your tempting work by their own will.

  1. Re-purposing the content

Your liquid book can become series of tweets and short blogs; it could be an inspiration for newsletter and podcasts interview. Small pieces of book can be shared through different ways to value the readers, learners and raise their interest to purchase the book. Another idea to encounter is you can take chapters of book and sell into individual e-books.

  1. Author’s website or Micro-Site for the book

This strategy depends on author and his specific goals suppose who is a multiple writer should have author platform. Authors who write a single book should have micro-site for the book.

To make influential strategy, one need to focus on best practices and mistakes too, which are as follows:

Here are the Best Practices to follow by author:

  • Find your audience- Experiment what and where your audience is. Focus on a channel where you best connect to the audience.
  • Focus- Focus on channel where your particular audience connects. Writer should show pure intent to connect and know people. Be supportive and generous to people.
  • Consistency- A little bit of content should be published by author on daily basis whether its 10 minutes only and avoid writing a lot of content after 16 weeks.
  • Discipline- To give attention on time in making connections and providing valuable content.

Mistakes by Authors

  • Waiting is the typical mistake done by authors until the book is ready for marketing. In whatever process of writing you are, you should be networking always. There is never a time you may miss to cultivate networking.
  • Another one is not realizing the intensity of marketing. They think once the book is written, their work is done that’s false.


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